Thank you for checking out what I hope will be an interesting and in depth alternative analysis of the 2017 Moto GP season!

After what some would call ‘a season of surprises’ in 2016, it’s looking like 2017 could be more of the same; with the movement of several riders to different teams, interesting and perhaps unexpected results in the first test of the season and a good off-season period for many of the factory pros.

This blog is intended as an alternative source for your Moto GP info, for free! (more about that below). I’ll post every week with new and exciting Moto GP updates.

Let’s start the first blog by stating what I plan to cover each week (including off-weeks).

Each article will contain:

  1. An in-depth analysis of the race; what happened and why.
  2. My opinions about the above (like them or not, you can always start a discussion).
  3. What the riders said about the race.
  4. A section about each of the top 5 riders
  5. A season round-up – where I look at what impact the race had on the season standings.
  6. A comments section where you can start the discussion and challenge my opinions.

Now to why I’m writing this:

I am a huge fan of the sport. Have been for years and will be for life. But mainly because I think there is not enough free content on the .com site and I’d like to take what I can find out and summarise it in one place for the fans that want it! I’m prepared to do the research if people want to read!

What I can offer:

Well, I will try to make this interesting. I’ll focus on stats whilst giving my own personal opinions too and asking for feedback.

Image result for brno autodrom

I plan to attend some races this year. I’m based in Brno, which is convenient obviously because it’s Brno! but also because it’s within driving distance of The Red Bull Ring in Austria and Sachsennring in Germany!

I’ll try to get to these races and get as close to the action as possible, make some videos and maybe interview some fans too!

And finally!

If you’re reading this and have any suggestions at all about how I could make the blog better, please let me know in the comments! (This will be on every blog post)

Image result for motogp brno

Thank you, come again!


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